Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Horrible Press Work

Rule number one in flack school is, first, do no harm in what you say. Number two is some version of this: Stay the hell out of the shot.

I've had my ups and downs with number one in my two years on this side but I sure failed miserably at number two today outside the Governor's Office.

Excuses abound - mainly that I, like the troopers next to me and Transportation Secretary Cohen to my right, really did not have anywhere else to stand since it was a jam-packed press avail. But they are just excuses. I failed and now, I pay the price.

Thank you, Associated Press, thank you.


Simply Re(a)d said...

Dear God. You're A SUIT. I mean I guess I knew it but I never quite imagined it. Definitely hadn't seen it before so it'll take awhile to digest that this is your work attire. I must say, though, you clean up nicely. You look much nicer than the other monkeys. Love ya, Jack

Adam Hurtubise said...

You could have a lot of fun with a caption writing contest for that pic, Dave.

Whatever are Trav, Sal and the Governor looking at?