Monday, March 5, 2007


Romney update ...

The guy isn't measuring the drapes, yet, but he's already plotting where the summer White House will be. From The Politico:

Politico: What the White House reporters really want to know is whether your Crawford will be in Deer Valley, Utah, or Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H.? (He has homes both places.)
Romney: Well, that’s a hard choice. But without a question, it would have to be in Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H. We’ve actually chuckled about that, thinking about it the last couple of weeks and months. I wouldn’t want to impose the Secret Service and the press corps on our nice little community in New Hampshire. So maybe I’d get to visit once a year for a quick weekend and then get the heck out. Because I wouldn’t want to intrude on the beauty and the calm of that fabulous place.

Of course, he's already used that house to try to bolster his New Hampshire primary bona fides.

We know the neighbors have bristled over past Romney attempts to boost security on the lake and, in the process, make his beach private.

And who could forget the time Mitt and the boys actually saved some stranded boaters on the lake ... and then called up reporters to do a press conference there?

No, Mitt doesn't want to politicize his little town, does he?

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