Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Signal from the Globe?

From the update department, as usual, readers of Guarino-Blog are paying more attention than Guarino.

"Jason" wrote this afternoon in a post to my McGrory item from the other day - "did we get our answer in today's paper?"

It took me a second but I realized that the Brian McGrory column I'd read not 20 minutes before had, indeed, been in the Sunday paper. McGrory writes on Tuesdays and Fridays - or, at least he did.

So does this answer part of the question, anyway? Is McGrory the new marquee writer, scoring McNamara's treasured Sunday Metro column? The Globe officially hasn't said anything that I've seen and the city's media critics haven't posted anything on their blogs. I'll ask around.

Guess in hindsight, we should have picked this up a day earlier when McNamara wrote (perhaps her Swan Song?) on Saturday - which is usually a day without a Metro column.

Of course, all this could mean nothing. McGrory might have just had an extra column sitting around and offered it up.

Could be I'm the only one in town who cares about these tea leaves. But I don't know why - this is the marquee journalism job in the city and, for my money, the biggest single soap box now available in New England.

We'll be watching. Stay tuned...


Ross said...

I thought the same thing when I saw the column, but since there's no announcement I wouldn't be surprised to see at least something by Walker, if not a few "guest columnists" like the people you suggested filling the spot in the next few weeks.

It wouldn't make sense to me that they'd fill the slot with no fanfare (unless they still want to avoid calling attention to the downsizing--good luck with that).

davidguarino said...

A rotating guest column isn't a bad idea to try people out. Or maybe, as one smart reader suggested, float in a different regional voice each Friday to draw attention to the different regions of the state that the paper of record covers.