Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spidey's Lemon?

Ok, file this one under: This is why I’m glad and kinda freaked out by what I get in my Google alerts.

So I’m looking through my guilty-pleasure U2 alert and find a reference to U2 (or Bono and The Edge, anyway) working on a soundtrack for a Spider Man musical in New York .

Check it out, here at something hysterically called

This could mean one or all of three things.

1. U2 are about to get involved with something totally cool that will only expand their base.

2. U2 are about to get involved with something totally lame that will be this year’s version of the “Pop” album and tour (remember the 40-foot lemon?)

3. My wife will be very, very excited.

See, as much as I love U2, Heidi loves Spidey. She makes me watch every damn trailer that comes on for Spider Man 3 (which, I dare say, looks pretty lame). We own the first two movies (two was far better than one, end of discussion) and apparently she loved the comic book as a kid. How this turned into the woman I love and mother of my children, I don’t know and what she did with the dork who read the comics, I’m not going to ask.

But it’s apparently the real deal for the musical, they’re casting for Peter Parker, MJ and even a “Geek Chorus” starting in July.

The boys in U2 have shown interest in both movies and superheroes in the past – doing “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” for the Batman Forever soundtrack. And they did the Passengers album for a movie that didn’t exist but which spawned the great track, “Miss Sarajevo.”

And, way back in 1986, Edge did the soundtrack for a putrid little movie called “Heroine” – the title song marking the premiere of a beautiful young Irish singer named Sinead O’Connor.

Could this be U2’s “Tommy”?

One can only dream. But, I admit it, I’m starting to hear distant refrains of “lemmmmmon” and I’m scared.


Heidi Guarino said...

OK, so I agree, a Spiderman musical sounds a little ... uncool. And I love both musicals and Spidey. But something about him hanging on his web singing about his tortured soul worries me. That being said, I'll be first in line for tickets. And you, my dear, are coming with me.

gina said...

Heidi is a fan of Spider Man? SPIDER MAN? Hmm. I just picked up a Spider Man hooded towel for Casey -- on clearance at Kmart for $11. Dave, you might want to consider making a trip to Kmart yourself. Mother's Day is right around the corner.