Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Brad Pitt Can't Act

So I took myself to see Babel the other day. I wanted to see it when it came out but, well, life interrupted. And, I'll admit it, the Oscar buzz got to me. So I picked Babel over 'Letters from Iwo Jima,' and I was fine with my choice. It was a good movie, a bit stressful, but well done.

Still, I left with that odd sort of feeling like I got duped. And I realized, that's because Brad Pitt just can't act.

The guy is literally just a pretty face who brings nothing to the screen. I'll admit that when George Clooney is on screen, he has skills, he commands the scene. Same with Leonardo DiCaprio. But Pitt? Name two roles the guy actually should get nominated for, I dare you.

Here's the list if you want a refresher.

I loved him in "Ocean's 11" but mostly because Soderbergh had him eating in every scene. Hilarious. But the guy needs nachos to be funny when Clooney walks out of jail in a tux?

"Se7en" was another great movie. But that was more David Fincher and Kevin Spacey than Pitt. Hell, even boring Gwenyth found a way to outshine Brad in that one.

Pitt for me will always be the loser he sort of started off in film as - the hick in "Thelma and Louise." Sure, he's done well - and doing good -with Angelina. But see Babel and tell me, honestly, that the Academy didn't know what they were doing when they "snubbed" Brad.


Jason said...

"What's in the box? What's in the box?"

Best line in Brad Pitt ever said.

Heidi said...

You don't need to be a good actor when you're easy on the eyes. Just ask Keanu Reeves.

Simply Re(a)d said...

Here's what I always say to Brad Pitt: "Shut up and take off your shirt."

Anonymous said...

Brad Pitt can't act?

When Brad is counting his millions while angelina is sleeping in his bed where will you be mate?

Sitting behind your computer being a pretentious, condescending ass perhaps?

or maybe writing a blog?

it's both together isn't it

neil said...

its true Brad Pitt has not got the acting chops. sometimes i can ignore it because he is deffo in some awsome movies but other times he can spoil an awesome movie..It seems he trys to hard and ends up like overacting and the more he acts the worse he becomes. In a way like Madonna seems very aware of the cameras when she acts terribly Pitt also has a self conciessnes onscreen that can become iritating and distracting