Thursday, January 25, 2007

Win for Danvers, Win for Patrick

I was driving through Danversport today, as I often do - typically on the way to the mall or Chuck-E-Cheese or something with The Boys. Each time, I pass the part of town that was pretty well destroyed by the Nov. 22 chemical explosion.

As usual, the TV and still photos, don't do the scene justice. Homes and businesses along that stretch are still shuttered. People are living in them, yes. But most every window is boarded up. Imagine having your Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years with boarded windows. Residents can't do the construction or, worse, can't afford to, as they fight with insurance companies.

So Gov. Patrick made it his business to join the voices from the North Shore calling for aid for the victims. A full-on relief package is pending but Patrick filed his first bill as governor allowing residents and businesses to receive a tax credit. It won't cost the state anything and clearly the people of Danvers were thrilled.

In the end, it might cut about a third of people's tax bills but help is help and it's a start.

And, of course, it's good politics for Deval - just ask Janet Lettich.

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