Monday, January 29, 2007

Not Spreading the Word

Typically, I've found, when people create blogs, they shout it from the rooftops - for good reason. It's exciting, you want the attention, you want the hits. I decided to take a different path, and I'm taking a beating in the process.

I told no one when I put this blog up last week. Well, almost no one. I told the wife. I told Lisa Davis, who inspired me to finally take the plunge after she created hers. And I told one friend almost in passing before it hit me that it might be a fun experiment to tell no one.

The Experiment has been fun, and continues to be.

Seth Gitell was first to find me - no doubt notified that I linked to his great blog. A ton of people found me through there and my parents learned when Seth's post showed up on the Google alert they created for my name (a truly hilarious topic for another time). Adam Hurtubise was next and opened me up to some of his friends and fellow bloggers. Then Adam Reilly posted and one person found me that way. Now the trickle continues as I get various mentions in various quarters. All this is fun, for me.

But some friends are not so amused at The Experiment. Maybe they are ashamed that others clearly knew first - cutting, perhaps, into their blog-egos. Maybe they are surprised that an egoist like me didn't take out an ad to announce it. Maybe they've got a point. Who knows.

But The Experiment remains in effect and I'm telling no one. Most of my former Reilly cohorts haven't a clue - can't wait for the crap I'll take from them if this stretches into a matter of weeks.

Either way, I'm having fun which, really, isn't that what it's all about?


Simply Re(a)d said...

I feel almost famous for being mentioned in your blog. Thank you for that! Despite the fact I told a few folks about mine I think I've gotten few hits so I'd say you're doing pretty good. I'll try to post tonight or tomorrow. Simply Re(a)d must go on.

Jason said...
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Jason said...

The fact that Dave told Lisa Davis -- Lisa Davis -- about this site before the best man at his wedding should tell you something about the guy. That said, he's led me toward the fabulous Simply re(a)d, and that's good enough for me.

Heidi said...

As "the wife" I'm honored to have been among the first to know, and am awaiting some well-deserved credit for not spilling the beans.

davidguarino said...

Lefferts is a proven cry-baby and is just sad because he clearly isn't as well-blog-read as Tapper, who found the Gitell reference on day one. That said, Lefferts also has a kicking blog that pulls hundreds of people in every day in the greater Fitchburg area. No one can say that's anything less than amazing.