Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I'm back. Can't say for sure if I'm better than ever, but I'm back.

Today starts my blogging anew. More than two years ago, I started the first ever blog at The Boston Herald. We were gearing up for a presidential campaign then and our senator, John Kerry, was jumping in. We called it "The Road to 1600."

I had fun with it while the campaign lasted but decided to hang up my journalism spurs the next year, ending a 12-year run covering local, state and national politics. I love journalism, particularly print journalism, but I needed a new challenge. I signed on with Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly as his communications director. It was a blast. I got to see the amazing work of the Attorney General's Office up close, served as a senior staffer to our too-brief run for governor and worked on the front lines of truly trying to make our state a better place.

Now I'm looking for a new challenge, taking some time and hoping to find the right fit. Whether it's in government, the corporate boardroom or somewhere inbetween, I know the one thing I do miss about journalism is the writing. So here I am.

I intend to tackle issues from the important (like global, national, state and local politics) to the mundane (like when is someone in the city of Salem going to figure out that one road in and one road out just isn't a good idea?) and absurd (like the truly inspiring shrieking match my two young sons had on the drive to school this morning).

Hope you enjoy it and, more importantly, join in. Thanks for reading.


Heidi said...

it's about time someone with something to say started blogging. Love you.

guarrob said...


enjoyed your blogs...keep up the good work.