Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bush SOTU: Is it hot in here?

So the president speaks tonight and the nation, those who aren't instead watching "Lindsay Lohan's Shocking Moments" on VHI, will listen. Iraq being, well, Iraq, Bush will want to change the subject slightly and, according to reports, has some ideas about global warming.

This, of course, is a laugh riot because the guy has been fighting states like Massachusetts for the better part of six years on efforts to enforce something as simple as the Clean Air Act. I was there in November when Massachusetts and a dozen other states had to take their fight to the United States Suprme Court because Bush's EPA won't do it's job. The Supremes are still thinking it over (though I think we won over Justice Kennedy and even got the respect of, but not the vote of, Justice Scalia and we'll end up winning 5-4).

So now Bush apparently watched "An Inconvenient Truth" in the White House screening room and wants to take on this global warming thing. Letterman joked the other night that his policy will be called "No Ice Cap Left Behind." Funny, kinda.

In truth, I say bully for Bush. Late to the party but, hey, let's welcome him in and try anew to get something done. Yesterday in the Times, Jim Rutenberg and Robert Pear wrote that that the president was pushing a domestic agenda because he's still failing in the polls. Makes sense - people actually like when their presidents and the Congress deal with issues that mean something to them like health care and the environment.

Sure Iraq is important and, no doubt, Senator Jim Webb will give em hell in the Democrats' response. But let's not forget that the people are saying over and over in the polls that they are sick of the Red State/Blue State dramas.

Let Bush have his moment, see what he has to say on global warming and, maybe, just maybe, we'll get something done.

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