Wednesday, February 7, 2007

An Ouchie, from ... and for Hillary

Thanks to the Globe’s Names for trolling through former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe’s new book, “What a Party!” and finding what is surely one of the few tantalizing tidbits – the story about Ben, Matt and Gwyneth with Bill and Hill at Camp David.

The story is recounted here, so take a look.

But the even shorter version is that Affleck and Damon went to Camp David in 1998 to screen “Good Will Hunting” for President Clinton. McAuliffe found his way there and Hillary was around. Apparently the boys watched some playoff football with the Pres before dinner, where the true hilarity ensues.

And I quote:

“During dinner, while Damon bent Madeleine Albright's ear, Ben rose to greet his date. ‘Who's that?’ McAuliffe asked Hillary. ‘That's Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress, you idiot,’ snapped the first lady.

That is classic. You really can see Hillary calling McAuliffe an idiot on that one. By this point, she’d already been in “Emma,” “The Pallbearer,” and “Se7en” and that very year she was staring in “Sliding Doors,” “A Perfect Murder” and the movie that really put her on the map, “Shakespeare in Love.”

To quote Hillary again, “You idiot.”

Of course the kicker is that Clinton loved the movie, loved its sweet ending and said he had a romance like that and chasing the girl was the best thing he ever did. And, as Names points out, a few days later the Monica scandal broke.

Now that’s an ouchie.

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