Saturday, February 17, 2007

The new must-read in town

For the first couple days, I let it alone. I merely linked to my wife's new blog on the side rail here, hoping people might happen upon it like they happened upon mine.

And some did, which is cool.

But then the wife did something entirely unexpected. She took what we both thought would be a blog like any other (this one included) and made it into something I think is truly revolutionary. Rather than just write about our kids, her life, her job, the world at large, the wife has decided to make hers a blog-o-forum for the millions of people out there just like her.

Hence, the Working Mom's Blog.

It's fabulous and, all spousal pride aside, a must read.

The wife sent an email to all her friends and coworkers who happen to be working moms and urged them to join the forum - to trade ideas, to tell tall tales of little people and bring some sanity to what I have long said is one of the two hardest jobs in the world - being a full-time working mom. (The other, by the way, is being the mayor of any urban city tied with pretty much anyone who works with, around or near a dump).

She hasn't talked any of her friends into contributing yet and I worry that they won't because they're intimidated by the medium, worried about being too personal or scared that she's a better writer than they are. All these things are true - but no reason not to join the fray. That's the beauty of the blogosphere. Everyone is welcome, all are equals and no opinion is worth any more than another.

So tell your mom, tell your wife, tell yourself, go check out The Working Mom's Blog. I think there's a book in this someday ... time will tell.

Either way, I'm very proud.

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