Friday, February 9, 2007

Tivo Shows Some Fight

Thank you, Tivo, for not going quietly into that good night.

Check out this story from today’s San Jose Mercury about Tivo teaming up with to provide a sort of ‘On Demand’ for their customers.

I was an early Tivo subscriber. We bought the box before it was cheap, signed up for the monthly service and told everybody that it changed our television viewing lives. It did and has now made us much better consumers of The Box. We watch better shows, fewer commercials and, on most nights, very little crap.

Comcast came along recently with its DVR, as has everyone else. We haven’t dumped Tivo yet and this news makes me want to stay with the original master.

So far the movies aren’t too pricey and seem like they might even be pretty easy to download – except for Neanderthals like us who don’t have wireless and have to hook The Box up to the phone cord every couple weeks since there’s no jack in our living room. (A rant for another day...).

But competition is good for everyone so it’s good to see Tivo isn’t throwing in the towel yet.

Maybe next they can figure out a way to not recommend Burt Reynolds movies and reruns of that show with Balki?

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